App Icon, which looks like a old school Apple monitor, with the aluminion frame, a dark shiny bezel, and what resembles the Snow Leopard default wallpaper with a dock highlighted


Set custom Dock settings for when on different displays

Download for free Requires macOS Monterey or later

What is this?

HiDock is an app that lets you set different Dock settings for different display configurations.

I've built this because I wanted to have the Dock slightly bigger and always visible when I'm on my big external display, but smaller and hidden when on my laptop.

What is this not?

A way to have the Dock visible in multiple monitors at the same time. Unfortunately macOS doesn't let us do this at the moment.

Can I pay for it?

You WANT to pay for it? I didn't really build any payment capability for the app, but if you'd like you can download my other app — Hand Mirror, that would make me really happy!

I guess you can also just send me a donation if you're really that kind, thank you so so much you kind soul 🧡

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